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Portions of this website were sponsored by the City of Newark's Lead Hazard Control Grant #OHLH-B0370-07


The City of Newark Department of Development administered a lead hazard education and mitigation program with assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency, The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. From 2009 through 2011 the program used grant funds to educate Licking County residents and community service agencies on the hazards of lead and on safe renovation practices. Grant money was also used to conduct lead inspections and to mitigate lead from Licking County homes.

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home

Renovate Right

Lead Safe Homes Licking County homes mitigated of lead hazards with grant funds

For more information contact: City of Newark, Lead Hazard Control Program 40 West Main Street Newark, Ohio Phone: 740-670-7535

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Office (Region 5 serves Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) 77 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, IL Phone: 800-621-8431

HEALTHY HOMES The Licking County Healthy Homes Coalition was developed in 2010. The mission of the coalition is: To insure the residents of Licking County are provided with the necessary information and guidance in order for them to live in a safe and healthy home. The coalition is made up of a diverse group of agencies serving a variety of populations within Licking County. For more information on Healthy Home topics, including mosquito, bed bug and pest infestation; lead hazard; food safety; solid waste; and home inspection contact the Licking County Health department.

Licking County Health Department 675 Price Road Newark, Ohio Phone: 740-349-6535