Licking County Plan to End Chronic Homelessness 2020

The Licking County Task Force on Homelessness, in conjunction with Analytic Insight, distributed its final report to all funders the week of September 1, 2020. The report is entitled “2020 HOMELESSNESS ACTION PLAN for the Licking County Community” and can be downloaded here.  2020 Homelessness Action Plan for the Licking County Community

AI’s report is extensive and offers very specific recommendations, citing successful practices in other communities that can be adopted for Licking County. A timeline suggested by AI is included in their report and provides a reliable map. The objective of the task force was to create a plan to end chronic homelessness in Licking County. We are pleased to have a document in hand that can be utilized by several potential service providers to implement AI’s recommendations. 

The completion of this report is only the beginning of the journey, and the essential work still needs to begin. Next steps are being formulated, and participating service providers and local leaders will communicate their calls to the community in the upcoming months. Please keep watch on our Facebook page for updates and calls to action. 

About Us:

The Licking County Task Force on Homelessness is a county wide collaboration of private industry, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, and citizen action networks that is collectively working to eliminate chronic homelessness in Licking County through a strategic, multipronged approach with concrete objectives and outcomes.



City of Newark, Ohio;  Licking County Board of Commissioners; Licking Memorial Health Systems; Denison University;  Licking County Coalition for Housing; Licking County Job and Family Services; United Way of Licking County; Park National Bank; Central Ohio Technical College; The Ohio State University - Newark; Newark Development Partners; Licking County Foundation.