Program Results

For Fiscal Year 2018/2019

TRANSITIONAL HOUSING LCCH provided Tranisitional Housing to 151 people in 68 households last year, with 66 of the 151 served being children (44%). Over 87% of those who exited the program went into permanent, stable housing.

PROJECT HOMELINE Project Homeline staff assisted 1558 clients with referrals and technical assistance last year. 419 people met with PH staff for housing options, but did not receive any direct financial assistance. 236 households were assisted with funding (rent, deposit, utilities) and case management to prevent homelessness.

SUPPORTIVE SERVICES FOR VETERAN FAMILIES (SSVF) Last program year, SSVF served 67 veteran households and 105 individuals. Of those served, 23 were children (22%) and 31 were age 55 and older (29.5%).

SSI/SSDI OUTREACH AND RECOVERY (SOAR) LCCH offers SOAR services to homeless veterans in our SSVF and the VA's Grant and Per Diem programs. LCCH served 32 clients through SOAR last year, with 5 approved, 16 denied, and 11 pending cases.

VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE 20 IRS-certified volunteers contributed 958 hours to the VITA program, preparing tax returns for 1305 clients. In total, clients collected $1,928,143 in Federal and State refunds, with most of this money returning to the Licking County economy.

RETURNING HOME OHIO The RHO program, which provides supportive services to ex-offenders with severe mental illness and/or HIV is currently at capacity with 14 participants.

COMMUNITY TRANSITIONS PROGRAM Community Transitions is a re-entry program for ex-offenders suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. CTP began July 1, 2017, and is serving 10 counties in Central Ohio. Last year CTP served 38 adults.

RAPID RE-HOUSING LCCH implemented a Rapid Re-Housing program for adults in August 2017 as an alternataive to Transitional Housing. The program served 16 households (20 people) this past fiscal year. 12 of the 16 households that entered the program were housed in 21 days or less. 85% of the participants who left the program have left for positive distinations.

On September 1, 2017, LCCH became the grant administrator for the Rapid Re-Housing Ohio program. In collaboration with several service agencies throughout Ohio, RRHO serves homeless families with children in 80 counties. Last year, RRHO assisted 260 households (279 adults and 416 children). A key component of Rapid Re-Housing is that the client maintains a lease in their own name.

DISABILITY HOUSING The property management team maintains 13 single family homes in Newark and Heath which offer independent living for adults with developmental disabilites. Over 700 work orders were completed by our maintenance team in the last fiscal year, and we are currently in the process of purchasing a 13th property.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT Many groups and individuals gave their time and talents to support LCCH programs and activities, providing over 2011 volunteer hours toward activites and events including VITA, coffee sales, yard and property maintenance, supply drives, and general office tasks. Thank you!